How Does the PIDB Help Manufacturers?

Utilize a single portal to distribute your product data to your customers.

Simplify and speed up product data entry and distribution while reducing costs.

Greatly increase speed to market for new product launches.

Expand your market by improving the search rankings of your items on the internet.

Take control of product data and standardize product and brand information across your product offering.

Increase sales for you and your downstream customers.

Principal Reasons Why Your Data Needs to be Optimized

Be the authority for your product data

The product data found in most search results is out of the manufacturer’s control. That’s because most manufacturers aren’t the source for their own product data. Instead, search engines gather product information from retail product feeds and by scraping the web. By providing a direct feed to distributors, retailers, and the world’s largest search engines, PIDB Optimization makesconsistent manufacturer product information available to all participants in an easy to digest format.

Offer an Elite Shopping Experience

Consumers and search engines have begun to demand more – more images, more product details and more marketing copy. Consumers are more likely to reward an elite shopping experience with a purchase, and search engines reward better product data with better rankings. PIDB Optimization enriches your data so that you can reap those rewards.

Deliver Over 1000% More Product Details to Consumers

What product attributes are most important to your shoppers? In a global economy, it’s difficult to know your shoppers, let alone what’s valuable to each of them. That’s why delivering more product attributes is a fundamental part of product data optimization for distributors, retailers and search engines. PIDB Optimization will enrich your data to supply over 50 different attributes to the PIDB – over 1000% more – for even better product visibility.

Rich Product Data Fuels Sales

Manufacturers are looking for every advantage to get their product to the launching pad and into the sales stratosphere. When PIDB Optimization enriches and improves your product data, you will receive competitive advantages through the PIDB, Retailers, Google and Bing – fuel for increased tracking, clicks and sales.